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Special Service Companies
(Private Companies Limited by Shares with your own choice of name, standard Articles of Association, a combined register and our Special Registration Service)
Special Service Companies
(Private Companies Limited by Shares with your own choice of name, standard Articles and our Special Registration Service, * without register)
Ready Made Companies
(To include a signed Certificate of Non Trading)
Ready Made Companies with Change of Name
(including statutory fees)
E Incorporation
(via website)
Premier Package
(via website)
Same Day Registration/Change of Name
from £188/£98
Guarantee Companies, PLCs, Flat Management and Unlimited Companies
(Standard Articles)
Community Interest Companies
Charity Companies
(Standard Memorandum & Articles)
Limited Liability Partnerships
Change of Company Name
(including statutory fee)
Change of Objects
from £40
Increase in Share Capital
from £35
Re-Registration - Private to PLC or PLC to Private
(including statutory fee)
All Company packages include:
Free search of Company name, Statutory Fees, 6 personalised copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, stock transfer
form, minutes of first meeting, signed certificate of Non Trading (Ready made companies) and all relevant forms and documentation.
£6 per document
Plier Seal (pocket size, up to 43 letters)
Leverpress Seal (Desk top model)
from £43.00
Combined Company Register
Book of Share Certificates
from £15.32
Duplicate Certificate of Incorporation/Change of Name
Share Transfer Forms
30p each
Additional Printing Services:
Replace :- Existing Memorandum & Articles of Association and provide six copies of our up to date Memorandum and Articles of Association covering all requirements of Companies Acts and preparation of Resolutions and lodging thereof -
from £85
Reprinting:- Providing six copies of your Memorandum and Articles of Association. Price per page -
from £15
Full Company Search annual return, accounts & mortgages and charges
Accounts - additional years same price
Monitored Accounts
Annual Return
Annual Return - Additional Years
Registered Office and Filing History
(minimum charge where Company has not filed relevant documentation)
Memorandum & Articles
Mortgage Register
Directors Register
Copies from the Companies House Records
Facsimile or Telephone Reply
There will be an additional charge of 0p per page on faxed searches over 16 pages
Company Credit Report -
(Incorporated and unincorporated business) - Name, address, CCJs and credit risk information
Searches are available in other areas
eg Bankruptcy, Charities Commission and some Overseas Registries
Companies House certified copy of a Company document - 1 Week

Companies House certified copy of a Company document - 24 Hours
There will be an additional charge of 40p per page over 16 pages , For PLC companies an additional charge will be incurred



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